Christians against poverty

CAPlogoChristians Against Poverty (CAP) Money is a revolutionary money management course that teaches a simple way of handling your finances, including doing your very own budget, tips on how to avoid overspending and an easy-to-implement cash management system.
CAP Money is a three-session course, featuring weekly DVD presentations, discussions and related activities.

The course is designed to help people gain a better knowledge of what they earn and what they spend, devise a manageable budget, get their accounts in order and learn to save.

People who have attended our previous CAP money courses at RBC have had very positive comments including:

  • CAP teaches you to reassign value to your money

  • Using cash helps keep a better track on your money

  • Helpful sound advice on money management and budgeting

  • The format and setting was relaxed - not at all intimidating

  • My attitude to money has changed - it's not clever to spend money like it's going out of fashion - it feels better to be in control

  • It has made me realise that I didn't know how much I spent on regular expenditure

  • I enjoyed the course and now know that there is light at the end of the black tunnel

The next 3-week CAP Money course at RBC will take place on soon. Further details will be available in the notice sheets and here on the Church website. Bookings will be made on the CAP Money website. Queries can be emailed to our CAP Money Coaches.

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