The next workshop will be our long day on Saturday 14th September when we offer you two choices of class.
Picture2Book Folding
We welcome Hilary Salisbury, who will be showing us how to create a lovely piece of art by folding pages from a pre-loved book.  This is a simple introduction to the art of Book Folding, giving a chance to try the technique and create a project which will make a wonderful gift (if you can bear to part with it), or will take pride of place displayed in your home.
Money / Voucher WalletPicture1
The second option is to join me to make a wallet in which to gift money or vouchers. It could be for Christmas or any other occasion and enable you to present your gift in a more attractive way.  We will start by scoring and folding a piece of card to make the wallet and then use various embellishments to decorate it.  Pick up a theme colour for a wedding, a traditional or modern Christmas theme or just leave it neutral for any occasion. You may have time to make 2 wallets.
The fee for the workshop is £11, which includes drinks, cakes & materials and runs from10.00am-3.00pm.
Please bring your own lunch, and complete and submit the booking form available in the Foyer, Willow Hall or Welcome Desk by Sunday September 8th, 2019.
Pauline Yates
07742 707790