Today's Events    

Thursday 27 February
8:00pmBible study group for those aged 18-30s
Bible study group fro those aged 18-30s
Venue: Sycamour Room, Romford Baptist Church

A Typical Week                                            


9:45 Monthly Amaze Support Group
10 am Parent & Toddlers
1 pm Parent & Toddlers
6:45 pm 'Parksiders
(Social and Fellowship Group)
- first Monday in the month
7 pm Streetlight Youth Club (Year 7+)


10 am ‘Stitch in Time’ Needlecraft Group
2:15 pm Treasure Times


9.45 am Parent & Toddlers
8 pm Midweek Meeting  (Life Groups or central meeting)


9:30 am Focus (alternate Thursdays)
9:30 am  Small Group (alternating with Focus)
7:30 pm RBC Music Team


10:30 am Amaze Small Group for adults with additional needs.
12:30 pm Prayer Meeting
12:30 pm Small Group Alternate Fridays


10.30 am Morning Service
6.00 pm Evening Service