Celebrating and Remembering 

Birth and Blessing
New life is so exciting and we wish to give thanks to God for His great blessings. We are committed to enabling thanksgiving and celebration to happen in the appropriate way, whilst acknowledging our diversity. We often do this by:
Naming ceremonies
Praying for families within their homes
Adoption celebrations
Fostering celebrations
At RBC we celebrate believers’ baptism when someone comes to faith in Jesus. This is a great event and in obedience to the call of Christ.
Membership and Covenant
As a Baptist church, we have formal membership for those who seek to join the church and belong as members. For more information please see the leaflet “Membership at RBC”
As Christians we celebrate marriage as defined in Scripture. In particular we mark and celebrate:
Significant wedding anniversaries
Funerals and Memorials
Sadly life is not always good and at times of pain, your church wants to also be there for you. There is no single way to mark loss and we will endeavour to journey with you in the best way for you. We will seek to be with you in:
Acknowledging grief of miscarriages and stillbirths
Burials / cremations / scattering of ashes
Thanksgiving services
Prayers at anniversaries
Prayers for healing and those in hospital
The Bible is clear that when we are sick, we are to call the church leaders for prayer. If you are sick or in hospital, please do let us know and we will seek to come and pray with you. Prayer for healing is also available after every service at RBC by going to the prayer space.
Home communions for those who cannot get to church
We offer to arrange home communion to those who for health reasons cannot get to the church. This is normally done by one of the pastoral team or church leaders in the home.
Other ceremonies and pastoral
There are many important milestones you may wish to mark. Times when prayer and blessings are appreciated. Times when we want to celebrate or lean on our church family.
Many of these come at times of change or new beginnings.
New school / college / university
New job / promotion / company
New house (prayers of blessing for a new home)
New calling / goal / dream
Significant birthdays
Is something missing?
Of course we have tried to list everything, but you may have another celebration or need. Please do get in touch. Although this list is hopefully comprehensive it is not exhaustive so we look forward to hearing from you.
Next Steps
If you would like to talk to one of the Ministers about this please contact the church office, giving plenty of notice where possible, on 01708 743382 (option 2) or email office@romfordbaptist.org.uk giving full information, including all your contact information and one of the Ministers will contact you. Please do note that the diary is often very full so as much notice as possible is needed.
In case of urgent pastoral need please email the Minister (Team Leader) on  ibunce@romfordbaptist.org.uk or call his mobile 07900 943335. Except in the case of something very urgent, please avoid calling on a Friday as this is normally his rest day.